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Generation: Y
Age: 34
Occupation: Vocalist / Model
Glasses: Ray Ban Aviator Clear Evolve
Suit: El Gran Gatsby Charleston

“I believe in the power of music to feed the soul. I started my modeling career when I was thirteen and music has always been present at the most beautiful events; So, I learned that sound provides rhythm, beauty, energy and shine to us humans.”


Generation: X
Age: 52
Occupation: Producer / Cybersecurity Professional
Glasses: reVOLVER Ibiza
Suit: Prada

Production/Instruments: Logic Pro X, T-RackS 5, Waldorf Blofeld, Synthesizer, E-Bass, E-Guitar, A-Guitar
Productions released since 1989: 77
Priorities: Creation, Innovation
Digital Transformation: Since 1989

“Our forte is creation. We do our work with love, passion, persistence and patience. It’s all about craftsmanship. Invention has, is and will always be on top of my priority list. One cannot predict the future, so we simply invent it. When I first started to work with the Atari 1040 STF Computer and the E-Mu Emax Sampler back in 1989 I got enchanted immediately by the fascinating world of Music Production. I loved synthesizers from day one because they can take one to another dimension. It’s serious Space and it’s all magic a truly different environment and the Synth represents in my view the perfect instrument of the future. Today, I work mainly with Logic Pro X and the awesome Waldorf Blofeld Synthesizer.”


Generation: Baby Boomer
Age: 64
Occupation: Producer / Early Retiree
Glasses: Moncler ML 0006
Suit: Saint Laurent Gold 1978

Production/Instruments: Avid Pro Tools, Synthesizer
Productions released since 1990: 39
Priorities: Music, Persistence
Digital Transformation: Since 1990

“Starting as a DJ in 1982 in Geneva I participated in the creation of the first radio show on the Swiss National Radio station Couleur 3 dedicated to DJ mixes a Show called Couleur Platine. In the late 80’s I was a DJ in the Roxy Club Zürich and in the 90’s at Mad Club Lausanne. In 1990 I started to produce Music and 1992 I released the first record on the Berlin Record Label D’ Vision. In 1994 we founded Limousine Records and DreamTeam Music Entertainment our first House Labels together with Mickey Richards releasing 12” Vinyl Records and CD Format. In 2008 I joined The Problemkiddz and we decided to run the Production Program in multiple time phases. I look very much forward to this 2nd stage as it represents the perfect opportunity to get involved once again in innovative digital production work and since I started early retirement in 2021 I can prioritize my time on our future production work!”